Resources aren't just about Bible studies, but we've got some great ones if that's what you're looking for.

Discover Bible Guides

These Bible study guides are an award-winning series of 26 studies covering all the foundational truths of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. Designed to be used in a variety of settings, these engaging full-color guides help students respond to the topics with “WordSearch” Bible verse lookups and reflection questions, along with true/false answer sheets._

“Thank you for helping me change my life by your studies I have received. I now know for sure I’m going to heaven when the Son of God comes to call us Christians home.”


Discover Bible Student

“When I first received my studies, I felt an inner joy. …I cried and prayed through the studies, and it has changed me into a man who loves God.”


Discover Bible Student

Watch Lucas's Video

Through a harrowing series of events, Lucas found himself in prison and in need of hope. When someone started sending him the Discover Bible Guides, he encountered a God who completely transformed his life. He’s now the lay pastor at the Colorado Springs South SDA Church.

Focus on Prophecy

Bible prophecy will come to life as you study these 21 beautifully illustrated, easy-to-follow guides. Unlock mysteries about God and His plan for you and our world, and understand topics like the meaning of the mark of the beast, the antichrist, and the millennium.

Native New Day

Written for Native people by Native people, these 30 guides take students on a journey through the Bible's main themes, such as the Book of Heaven, the gathering of nations, and remembering Creation.

Discovery Mountain Expedition Bible Guides


Recommended ages: 10-13

Invite children to fall in love with God’s Word with these Discovery Mountain-themed Bible guides. Kids will be encouraged to exercise their faith and give their hearts to Jesus.

Primary Kids' Bible Lessons

COMING SOON! Available Late 2025

Recommended ages: 7-9

Ranger Pete takes kids on an awesome journey to explore the wonders of nature on a farm! Creation and the Bible help them understand how they can live like Jesus and trust Him each day.

Junior Kids' Bible Lessons

COMING SOON! Available Late 2025

Recommended ages: 10-13

Join Jenna, Rusty, and Fred as they learn key Bible teachings from their summer adventures.

There's lots to see and talk about on their camping excursion, a trip to the beach, a dinosaur dig, and much more!

Online Bible School

Our customizable online Bible study platform does what few Bible study websites can do: connect students directly with your church. They have a question? You get to answer it yourself. Want a custom welcome video on your church’s page? No problem! Even individual members can have their own online Bible study website.

  • Instant access to studies
    • No waiting for mail or personal visits
  • Study anytime, day or night
    • Students can learn about the Bible at whatever hour works best for them
  • Customizable
    • Choose the languages and lessons you offer

“What I enjoy most in teaching online is the communication between myself and my students…answering their questions on a subject they don't understand, or when they want more detail on the subject. …I feel like I have a mission for my life's work!”


Discover Bible Student

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